Cell and gene-based therapeutics are rapidly evolving treatment methods with immense potential to improve human health. However, they require highly specialised laboratory skills and methodologies and purpose-built facilities.

Only a few experienced researchers internationally understand the current advancements in cell and gene therapy. They also have expertise in testing these advances in clinical studies, and can apply them to patient care. SCGT’s senior researchers are preeminent and can offer their experience and expertise to assist in developing commercial applications of the science.

Cell and gene therapy research expertise

SCGT has the most clinical and research experience in cell and gene-based therapeutics in Australia, with a large capacity to support third party investigators.

SCGT provides access to internationally recognised experts at scientific and clinical levels in the following major areas of medical cell and gene therapy research. Read more …

Research leadership

Our research leaders represent some of Australia’s best, internationally-recognised experts in cellular and gene based therapies. For more information …


Several of our research programs are undertaken as collaborations with other leading research hospitals in the world. We are participating in research at the forefront of the discipline.

The Gene Therapy Research Unit (GTRU) is part of an international consortium undertaking a gene therapy clinical trial for severe combined immune deficiency (the boy-in-the-bubble disorder). The consortium includes Great Ormond Street Paediatric Hospital and Institute for Child Health, London, the Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati. The GTRU is also collaborating with Great Ormond Street Paediatric Hospital and Institute for Child Health, London to improve the efficacy and safety of gene transfer vectors.

The Immunotherapy Research Team has a long-standing association with colleagues at the Centre for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.